Laurel Lea Balden Slightly Wrinkled  Laurel Lea Balden Slightly Wrinkled Dark Star Darth Vader  Dark Star Darth Vader A Touch of Purple  A Touch of Purple
Full Fuzz  Full Fuzz Unkempt Up Fron  Unkempt Up Fron Like a Drop of Paint  Like a Drop of Paint
Splatters  Splatters Purple Blush  Purple Blush Alien Looking Honei  Alien Looking Honei
Cattelya loddigesii in Fuschia  Cattelya loddigesii in Fuschia Like Many Eyes  Like Many Eyes Long Stache  Long Stache
Promenaea All Speckled  Promenaea All Speckled Stripes and Veins  Stripes and Veins Tiny Ohrys Tenthredinifera
Heavier on One Side Layers of Pink Purple Touches
Like a Welcoming Embrace Soft Flares of the Maikai Lea Orchid Yellow Tab
Dark Side Orchid Star Faced Hungry Red Mouths
Then Lilac Petals Flattened Phragmipedium Besseae in Brilliant Orange
After  Dark SVO Black Pearl Ryncholaelia Glauca With a Deep Pink Center Spotted Horns
Purple Triangles Patterns Inside Darkness Rising
Tiny Purple Spots Little White Teeth Not of This World
Eggs on Spinach Garish Hues Ragged Frills
Deepest Purple Flying Pair Deep Magenta Scoop
Thin Rims Milky Purple Radiant Yellow Emerging
Like Purple Cream Purple Trails Yellow Dress
Brushed With Violet